Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming has been used by women for thousands of years. Yoni steaming promotes healing, balance and well being to our wombs and reproductive organs. The herbal steam gently releases through the vagina to fortify, cleanse, detox, heal and strengthen the womb. Yoni steaming can help with the relief of irregular and painful menses, fibroids, PCOS, womb trauma, Endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, spiritual imbalances and many more. Yoni Steaming also aids in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial infections.

There are many benefits of Yoni Steaming and below are several that are well known.

  • Significantly reduce discomfort and bloating associated with your monthly cycles

  • Reduces dark purple or brown blood at the beginning and the end of your menses

  • Decreases blood flow

  • Regulates irregular and absent menstrual cycles

  • Increase fertility

  • Treats uterine fibroids & ovarian cysts

  • Heals hemorrhoids

  • Treats chronic vaginal/yeast infections and maintains healthy odor.

  • Assists with healing from past traumas, miscarriages and abortion.

Every woman should experience this ancient tradition once in their life. Once they do, (if done properly) they will forever be changed.

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*You can not yoni steam if you are preganant or have an IUD inserted. Please do not steam during your period, if you have a vaginal infection, open wounds,sores, blisters, or if you think you are preganant. If you have genital piercings, please take them out because the steam will burn you.

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