Toxic Eggs Beware!

Hi Goddess! Many of you may have seen this picture all over social media. So we wanted to share a brief introductory into toxic eggs. Toxic meaning poisonous substances. The more Yoni Eggs grow in popularity, the more we will see businesses produce them to match the demand. The problem with this is, the quality of some eggs aren’t good. We as the consumer  have to be careful because not all Yoni Eggs are created equal. There are some Yoni Eggs that contain copper, some lead, some rust, and some that dissolve (as shown above).  Before you buy a Yoni Egg, please do your research and learn about the mineral that it is made of.

Here is an example of a really popular Yoni Egg that’s on many different social media accounts.

Below is Blue Goldstone. Doesn’t it look beautiful?! With all the glitter shining so nicely 🙂 Now let’s look a little deeper into what Blue Goldstone is made of. When I researched the mineral I discovered that Blue Goldstone contains copper flakes that catch the light and glitter from within the crystal. In other words, some of the ‘glitter ‘ that I was just raving about is actually copper flakes. A quick definition of copper is it’s a reddish brown metal that is used to make things such as coins and electrical wires. If you look closely below, you will see the reddish brown copper flakes. Now knowing this, do you really want something that we make coins and electrical wire out of  inside of you?!

All though crystals are beautiful and fun, we have to be mindful of what we are really putting inside of our body. We are buying Yoni Eggs as a tool to help us heal and manifest certain qualities. If we continue to put toxic substances inside of our body, we are doing more damage than good. This is a very brief introductory inside the world of toxic eggs.

We are crafting a list of toxic eggs so please check back very soon!

                                         We got your back! -xx

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