6 Fun Tips When Trying To Conceive!

Hello, pretty lady!
I am often asked what did I do to get pregnant, so I decided to share 6 fun tips that worked for me. So let’s get to it!

Tip #1 – Yoni Steaming
I Yoni Steamed at least once a month for Self-Love and Maintenance. I always steamed after my period but before ovulation (You don’t want to burn your eggs). Disclaimer: Do not Yoni Steam while pregnant.

Tip #2 – Yoni Eggs 
I wore one of my favorite Yoni Eggs for balance and to release any past trauma that may still be in my womb. My favorite two eggs that I rotated between were my Rose Quartz (for love) and Crystal Quartz (for Balance). A little fun secret: My Crystal Quartz was inside of me the night I got pregnant. Disclaimer: Do not ware Yoni Eggs while pregnant.

Tip #3 – Period/Ovulation Tracker
I kept a period/ovulation tracker on my phone. The app I used was “My Calendar: Period Tracker” on an iPhone. I had been using this consistently for a year so I was well aware of my period and ovulation cycle.

Tip #4 – Good Intentions & Affirmations 
I set good intentions to heal my womb so that I could have a healthy baby one day. I did that by saying affirmations such as “my womb is healed”, “I am whole, I release the past, it no longer serves me” and my favorite one of all times is “I love me just the way I am”. I didn’t want to focus solely on having a baby that I became obsessed with the idea so I focused on being enough either way it went.

Tip #5 – Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices 
My nutrition & lifestyle choices had always been a holistic one for some years now. I got my yearly checkups to make sure I was healthy. I was vegan, drank lots of water and teas, used herbs for EVERYTHING, used non-toxic products and kept my stress level low as possible. I always kept a wonderful tribe by my side and always checked in with myself to make sure I was happy. If not, I would readjust accordingly. Disclaimer: I am not saying do the exact things I did, I am only saying be mindful of your lifestyle choices. Ask yourself is this the life I want to raise a child in? If yes, great! If no, now is the time to make new habits.

Tip #6 – Ask & It Is Given
Last but not least I asked the Divine Goddess and the Devine God to open my portal when it was the right time and I LET IT GO! Letting go wasn’t the easiest thing to do but it was very necessary. It took the pressure off of me and allowed me to just be okay with where I was on my journey. Having the idea of someday being pregnant and being a mommy gave me just as much excitement as actually being pregnant and waiting to meet my baby. Here is a tip with how the Universe works. If you create the desire to “want” something, you will only intensify the need to want it not the actual thing you are wanting. So if you keep saying things like “I want to have a baby” or “I want a baby”, you are only creating more of the feeling of wanting it, not necessary manifesting the baby to come into your life. Make sense?  So let the Universe or your Higher Power know what it is that you want and step out of the way.

Those are the 6 fun tips that I used to conceive a healthy baby boy. If you want you should add some or all of them to your own medicine bag of healing. Please let me know which ones worked for you and which didn’t. Just remember to gentle with yourself and the timing will be perfect.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing the tools that helped me. You can try some or all but know that we are all different and it may or may not work for you…I’m saying that with lots of love. I also have been using these tools consistently for years but it was only this year my desire to have a baby grew strong. So please be gentle with yourself on your conceiving journey. If it’s in your cards, you will have a baby. -xx

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